Lost, Random Thoughts, and a Playlist

Just a few thoughts. As soon as I publish this, I will shut down my computer and pack it in a box. I’ve done a lot of packing the last few days. I have to admit, it’s been a little overwhelming. I didn’t realize how much stuff I’ve accumulated over the last three years. When I came to Alaska, I could fit just about everything I owned into a couple of easily shippable boxes and my Jetta packed to the brim.

I’ve been watching “Lost.” I can’t watch the ones on TV. I’ve become the person that can’t pick up a series part way into it. Today’s TV is written with so many arcs that an episode skipped could take you out of an episode in the future. So don’t ruin Lost for me. I’m on episode 8. Just found out a little bit about Sawyer’s past. I think that I really like “24” but I got “distracted” halfway through the first season and can’t start watching new ones until I watch all the past seasons. But to rent the whole first season for watching half of it hasn’t been a priority. Need I remind anyone of the Buffy-a-thon? I spent March, April and May of this year watching every episode of Buffy, yes all 7 seasons. I tried to watch Angel, but it wasn’t the same…even with Cordelia.

I built a computer for Riche out of spare computer parts that I had in our closet.

That makes me think of the nickname discussion I had the other day. I don’t feel comfortable putting other people’s first or last names on this blog. If you want to comment with your name, that’s fine, but I won’t put it here. It started about 3 years ago when we had a BLB website with pics from history and our adventures in Alaska. Everyone that contributed with photos or comments would submit a nickname…some of them stuck more than others. So, I use nicknames. If you feel like being mentioned, just give me a nickname and I’ll add you to the dialogue.

I’ve been trying to think of a way to boost the comment traffic here. As my good friend Schmetzger (a nickname) once said, “Comments are blog currency. The love language of bloggers. Vitamins.” (You got to be impressed with that quote, Schmetzger, see you Friday, by the way). I have an idea, post a comment, any ol’ comment will do with your nickname and what would inspire you to comment more…

On the playlist tonight (Make Yourself a CD)
L.S.F. – Kasabian
Irrelevant – Matthew Ryan
Your Heart is An Empty Room – Death Cab for Cutie
Sugar Dumpling – Sam Cooke
As I’m Leaving – David Gray
Wear You Like Heaven – Donovan
The Leavers and the Left Behinds – Steven Jackson
Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen
The Heart’s A Lonely Hunter – Thievery Corporation
Alaska and Me – John Denver
Sound of Silence – Simon and Garfunkel
I Still Miss Someone – Johnny Cash
Fly Away – Poe
Come Around – Rhett Miller

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  1. Hey – it’s your friend from Savannah. I have a few comments. First of all, there is no need to watch previous seasons of 24. I picked up last year during season 4. I did not need to know what happened in previous seasons and was able to understand everything that was going on (which is great cause sometimes I am a little slow during action movies/shows). I would recommend watching from episode 1 though. It is a show that builds episode to episode not season to season. And it is awesome.

    Second comment is regarding your playlist. I will be downloading to my ipod soon. I do love Thievery Corporation so I am impressed that you have included them on your playlist.

    OK, I am off to New York today and Thailand tomorrow. Hope your travels are going well.

  2. Hey what up Boss Man. This week has been totally wierd with out ya. There’s no one here to pull our chairs back, stand behind us like super man, or even play the inviable guitar. Well you are missed but hey we are keeping it together 🙂 ITS NOT KOSHER!!!! Well I was just writin ya a lil’ somthin’ holla back…and when you want your hair braided just let me know LOL…Alrighty then Boss Man!
    *ThEkOsHeR ChIc*

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